Partfarm – Original parts for all brands


Partfarm – Original parts for all brands

Partfarm provides a virtual warehouse solution and various other additional modules for the agricultural industry enabling participating dealers to:

  • Reduce obsolete stock
  • Reduce number of backorders
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Turn scrap into cash

Virtual Warehouse

The Partfarm Virtual Warehouse is a Dealer to Dealer online parts platform linking and compiling stock information of all participating dealers. The virtual warehouse is linked with your Dealer Management System (or other stock system) for the regular upload of your stock data. Partfarm makes it easy to make your (obsolete) stock available to other dealers while it enables you to find discounted or urgently needed parts available from other dealers. The virtual warehouse is our base product and can be extended with a wide variety of addon modules for even more enhanced functionality.


Parts Finder

Provide information about your parts stock availability on your public website. Enable consumers and professional customers to check stock availability with you online. The Parts Finder is a ready-made web element that can be integrated in your website quickly and easily.

Business Analysis

Want to improve your parts marketing and need some help? We are a trusted and proven partner when it comes to professional solutions for agricultural specialist dealerships.


The Transport Module complements the Virtual Warehouse with the possibility to book and track shipments via the main logistic companies like UPS and FedEx. The shipment is booked automatically using Partfarm without having to contact the logistics company directly. The ordering customer can choose between express and standard shipment according to his needs. PareX has negotiated bulk shipment rates in various countries to allow fixed-rate, quick and reliable shipment of parts between dealers anywhere in the world.

Payment Module

The Payment module allows you to receive payments directly into your PayPal account, fully integrated in the Partfarm platform. This way you can offer other dealers a simple and instant mode of payment.

Service & Support

A team of highly trained professionals is available to assist and support you every workday in over 10 different languages. Our team will offer support concerning our system, services and other Partfarm related questions. You can inquire about information on international payments or ask our assistance when introducing our products into your environment. Would you like to know how you could maximize results? We are happy to provide you with all the necessary information to do so.


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