At the core of our activities lies our innovative, online parts platform for franchised dealers and dealer groups. This online platform and its additional services are the key to successful parts management and parts marketing. The use of our platform and the corresponding modules enable you to sell more parts, increase your customer satisfaction, reduce your obsolete stock and obtain purchasing advantages.

Virtual Warehouse


As the image shows, our products are all designed around the virtual warehouse. The virtual warehouse enables  you  to  search,  find  and  order  your  original OEM  parts  in  a  very  quick  and  user-friendly  manner. The  virtual  warehouse  shows  the  parts  of  all  participating franchised dealers to dealers within that same franchise,  domestically  and  internationally  and  extracts your stock data from your own DMS (CDP) system.

The PareX Virtual Warehouse is a Dealer to Dealer online parts platform linking and compiling stock information of all participating dealers. The virtual warehouse is linked with your Dealer Management Systems (or other stock system) for the regular upload of your stock data. PareX makes it easy to make your (obsolete) stock available to other dealers while it allows you to find bargains or urgently needed parts with other dealers. The virtual warehouse is our base product and can be extended with a wide variety of addon modules for even more enhanced functionality.


PareX Parts Finder

The  PareX  Parts  Finder  is  a  standard  web  module which gives your customers easy access to your stock information through your website. The  module  can  be  easily  and  quickly  integrated within  your  website.  This  enables  your  clients  to search for parts they need and to check their availability within your warehouse, online. This will save your staff  a  considerable  amount  of  time  which  they  can then use to enhance business further.


Stock Analysis

Increasing stock efficiency is gaining importance for most dealers. With the many changes regarding super sessions, orders, current parts and obsolete parts, things are bound to be forgotten or overseen from time to time. By using our Stock Analysis module you will be able to extract everything illogical within your stock. It  can  all  be  easily  identified  with  the  use  of  our  stock  analysis module.


The Payment module allows you easy receipt of payment for parts orders through PayPal. Your Business PayPal account will be linked to and integrated with your own PareX account. Provide your customers an easy way to pay, and ensure yourself of payment!


Service & Support

A  team  of  highly  trained  professionals  is  available to  assist  and  support  you  every  workday  in  over  10 different languages. Our team will offer support concerning our system, services and other PareX related questions. You could inquire information about international  payments  or  ask  our  assistance  when  introducing  our  products  into  your  environment.  Would you like to know how you could maximize results? We are happy to provide you with all the necessary information to do so.

Management Information

Information about your parts management is an important factor in enhancing performance. When gaining  further  insight,  goals  can  be  set  and  progress  can be monitored. With the use of our Management Information  Modules,  a  manager  will  receive  all  necessary information  concerning  the  virtual  warehouse  and  its revenue.

DMS Integration

All data in PareX is coming from DMS solutions of authorized dealers. Until now, most vendors of DMS solutions developed automatic connection with PareX, and some of them allow direct PareX search directly from your DMS. PareX’s experience is based on the integration of more than 150 DMS solutions across Europe.

Web Services

We offer the possibility to integrate our system within your own applications. PareX is there to make jobs easier and enhance your parts marketing. Our web services is  another  module  to  do  just  that. We  offer  the  possibility  to  integrate  our  system  within  your  application system concerning stock information. This will save you time and effort.

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