A comprehensive solution for farms, from recording cattle births to FADN reporting

Pantheon Farming

What is PANTHEON Farming?

PANTHEON Farming is a business solution for farms, a comprehensive information system for all business processes at the farm. It is adapted to user requirements and allows for optimization on farms of all sizes and activities.

Using PANTHEON FA on your farm has several benefits:

  • all-in-one solution (FADN, accounting, agri-environmental programs, farm management, etc.)
  • fully localized (language and legislation)
  • utility for farm data analyses (inputs/outputs by animals, animal groups, parcels, subdivisions, etc.)
  • electronic reporting (FADN, taxes, etc.)
  • more efficient use of time and resources (help preserve the environment and reduce the carbon footprint)
  • available in the cloud (Hosting) or installed on your computer

The program also helps you keeping proper records as well as making better informed decisions. Most importantly, you no longer need to keep paper records about most farm data.

Features include:

  • agri-environmental program records
  • veterinary records
  • tracking farm tasks
  • milking records
  • tracking of fertilizer and pesticide use
  • accounting for farms
  • FADN Farm Return
  • VAT account

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Thinks Like You

Running a farm is about crops and livestock, not office work. You need to know about cattle tags and fertilizer quantity, not accounting details. PANTHEON Farming is being developed with such requirements in mind. It must work on a mobile phone which you with you practically at all times. It must work in areas without a mobile signal. If an animal gets sick, you only enter or select its number and the program updates the breeding records accordingly. Data is entered into a special-purpose form, not just something, that has been repurposed from, say, cash operations.

Pantheon Farming

Effortless Accounting

The data you enter into PANTHEON FA is automatically transferred into inventory accounting and from there into financial accounting, which makes it possible to view your farm from a business perspective. Based on predefined accounting matrices, your data will be posted to the proper accounts. And from there, FADN data collection is simple, fast and low-cost, thanks to electronic data interchange.
PANTHEON FA is part of the PANTHEON family of business software that covers all aspects of business. If you have a large farm that does its own accounting, PANTHEON SE is best suited for you. If you have a small farm and are employing the services of an accounting firm (that is using PANTHEON ME, the best choice for accounting firms), data is exchanged over the internet, making the process seamless like having your accountant next door. You can scan all paper documents and share them with your accounting firm, eliminating the need to mail copies of documents or deliver them in person.
That way, documents are much less likely to get lost and the paperwork gets faster and more cost-effective.

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