CDP – Multi-brand, integrated, tested


DMS Car Dealer Package is already 25 years in Central Europe, in countries like Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey.

CDP helps you manage all departments in your workshop and showroom. No limit to the number of branches, brands, currencies, countries.

More than 300 modules can create a set of features that perfectly meet the needs of each company.

Even the basic version of the CDP packet is functional and versatile tool which consists of:

  • orders
  • trade in vehicles
  • parts Inventory
  • marketing
  • statistics
  • the import and export data

CDP has a stable business, compliance with the specific activities in the automotive industry, 25 years of experience and cooperation with over seven customers for over thirty brands offers trouble free product.

CDP is growing with the growth of your company, and its modular design make it is always ready to handle the ever new areas and forms of action.

Its stability is due to years of work the CDP developer on one side and server platform IBM System i5, the DB2/400 database is the undisputed champion.


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