Parex – Get spare parts at lower price and make money selling them!


SMIT d.o.o. as an certified partner presents and implements PareX spare parts platform on Croatian territory. PareX is a platform for the exchange of spare parts made ​​in Holland as a solution to the problem of growing stock spare parts of authorized car dealers , which allows dealers to offer its spare parts (mainly dead and sleeping stock at a promotional price) and to buy parts from other dealers – also at lower price.

Sharing parts reduces stock piling, ensures repayment of the investment and allows procurement of parts at a much lower price.

There are currently 11 authorized Renault car dealers participating in PareX exchange within Croatian territory. But PareX is not exclusively related to Renault or with the Croatian Republic. Used in more than 40 countries and 23 brands of vehicle manufacturers. Great coverage allows ordering spare parts from most EU countries but also offer parts all concessionaires in the EU.

PareX functions as a virtual warehouse where in one place is the overall supply of spare parts of all dealers who participate in the exchange of PareX. Information on available parts and available quantities can be created manually or in the DMS system and load automatically at daily level. This kind of connection completely frees you from the obligation of updating stock levels and provides always up to date information about the stock.

Maximum utilization of PareX is accomplished by including the maximum number of dealers in exchange thus achieving the maximum number of available spare parts as well as the maximum number of potential buyers of parts.

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