CDP Solution


CDP Solution – a central server – service with a server with preinstalled software. A personal computer with Internet access and a web browser – that’s all you need to access the full functionality of our DMS: CDP – Car Dealer Package.

The central server is under the care of specialists at Vector Austria.


What are the advantages of CDP solution?

  • protection against power failure by the mirrored power supply electrical equipment, UPS protection, data security RAID5 system, replacement disk after a failure in the “Hot Spare” – without stopping the server
  • automatically create backup
  • the air-conditioned server room
  • maintenance of equipment and software update and care of highly qualified specialists
  • access to the most secure business server – IBM Power System i5/OS operating system without having to invest in equipment

Central server, now often this kind of solution is called “cloud computing” which means a guarantee of the latest generation of hardware.

All services are covered by a flat rate, allowing you to precisely calculate the budget department.

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