CDP – Dealer Management System

Since 1980, the company develops and delivers Vector CDP package, advanced IT solution for authorized service stations and car showrooms.
We offer a mature product with the possibility of a dynamic market-expand feature of the base package through the use of more than 400 modules. With the ability to adjust the CDP to your needs, our Dealer Management System can be applied to both small companies and large, multi-site companies.


Our DMS is a good choice, because CDP:

  • has a wide range of functionality
  • allows you to work with many brands in one DMS
  • supports multi-branch companies
  • program is available in seven European languages.

This makes CDP meets the needs of any company in the automotive industry.

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Base CDP package features:

Service orders

  • service orders
  • retail sale
  • internal orders (retrofitting cars) with automatic recording of costs
  • order warranty
  • discounts on parts and labor for customer groups
  • register account on file and directory client customers’ vehicles
  • estimates
  • list of items
  • service packages and parts

Trade in vehicles

  • new and used cars, demonstration cars, commission
  • full documentation of purchases and sales
  • automatic registration of internal expenditure (retrofit)
  • business analysis for single vehicles (planned and actual values)
  • margin control
  • register of bonuses and other inputs in motor vehicles
  • reports on the margin at a standstill, the volume of sales
  • automatic settlement of merchant fees


  • order
  • delivery
  • price list
  • definitions discounts
  • inventory allows for re-sale immediately after stock inventory
  • analysis of the quality of the warehouse (turnover, margin, marketability, dead and dormant stock)

Statistics and reports
The data exchange (import and export)
Export data to the F-K

These are some of the most important features of the more than 1,800 programs that make up the base package of CDP.

Multi-branding package is a CDP module which allow users (as of March 2011) to operate simultaneously from one DMS 35 car brands.

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